Watching through the bird's eyes

Mother Africa bows her head in shame… she laments as she ponders, when will her dignity be restored?

               Mother Africa, the land of great kingdoms and dynasties, the land of kings and queens, princes and princesses, the cradle of civilization, the cradle of humanity… she has been marginalized as the “Dark Continent.”  How did she, the second largest Continent in the world, and indeed one of the richest in nature; a paradise, blessed with rich heritage, natural resources, and beautiful, highly intelligent Africans can result to being victimized, degraded, and reduced to the vulgar description as “shithole countries”?

               The sentiments about African people as lazy, beggars, and panhandlers are views shared by many foreigners.  However, some dare to express them through their arrogance.  Should Africans feel offended by the new low adjective, “shithole” to describe Mother Africa and her children?  One would dare to say NO! Rather, let Africans use this derogatory, vile expression as A WAKE UP CALL! A call to channel this reprehensible disregard, this blatant disrespect for Africans and for Mother Africa into a momentum, a movement, to restore pride and dignity to the African continent once more.

So, how can Africans do this for Mother Africa?...

  It begins with the realization that Mother Africa is a self-sustaining continent; she does not need any country outside her borders in order to survive! 

  It begins with the realization that African leaders who by making ignorant, unscrupulous compromises, rob Mother Africa, the present and future generations of their natural resources by abusing positions of power, driven by unrelenting greed, corruption, and senseless wars under the masquerades of correcting injustices.

  It begins with the realization that African leaders continue to squander Mother Africa’s natural resources; Africans’ birthright, that contribute to the growth and wealth of foreign nations.  Successively, funds derived from greed, deception, and exploitation are saved in foreign banks, used to make investments in foreign economies, and purchases of lush real estates in foreign countries generate revenues through taxes… Mother Africa laments over the misdeeds and injustices at the hands of her children.

Drastically …

  It begins with the realization that African countries also have the autonomy to deport anyone that is non-African from their shores.

  It begins with the realization that Africa has the capacity to unite! A united Africa can indeed be an unprecedented force to be reckon with! One that will demand respect for its people, its natural resources, its land, and indeed; Mother Africa.

  It begins with the realization that foreign countries view and treat Africans as second-class individuals in spite of their educational level or social status.  Therefore, Mother Africa’s children residing abroad must feel it safe to return home.

  It begins with the realization that African leaders should feel a sense of obligation and accountability for creating opportunities that will entice Africans abroad to return to the continent in order to contribute to the growth, development, and prosperity of Mother Africa.

  It begins with the realization that the time has come to heighten the African sprit of nationalism! Now is the time to resurrect the African roots, cultures, traditions, and values.  Now is the time to appreciate the African heritage and embrace diversities, uniqueness, and creativities, while remembering that all Africans are brothers and sisters; children of the same mother, Mother Africa!

Mother Africa cries out! How long must I endure this transgression, this shame, this degradation, this humiliation? …… 

Does anyone hear my cry, my call?

Are my children listening to my lament? 

Are there any warriors left among you, my African children?

Who will restore my dignity?!?

Who will restore my dignity?!?

Who will restore my dignity?!?

Author:  “V”