WATCHING THROUGH THE BIRD'S EYES
LIBERIA IS VIRTUALLY UNDER SIEGE by President Ellen Sirleaf...
I have been pondering over the situation that is currently unfolding in my country. It is so mind bugging that I have to pose the following questions: Is Liberia still a sovereign nation? Has the country been placed under siege? On reflection, I can only say that Liberia has lost her sovereignty and has been placed under siege by Ellen Sirleaf and her criminal gang. And they appear to be very arrogant, refusing to accept the proposition that the interest of the Liberian people supersedes their narrow interest.

For 11 years, these kleptomaniacs have been robbing the nation of its limited resources, colluding with international criminal gangs who masquerade as investors or development partners. This unconscionable bunch lives large—driving expensive cars around town and robbing our young people of their future and virtues. And they do so with impunity amidst the acquiescence of the so-called international community. Our weak governing institutions do not help the matter either.

Bribery and rampant corruption in high places thrive unabated. The only things we hear are lip service and political manipulations. This Sirleaf criminal gang lies, thinking it is smart and we the masses are dumb to know that we are being played. The game it plays well is manipulation while tempering with justice and violating the Constitution. But let me say this: the gang is on the wrong side of history to even think that we don’t know what’s happening, or that it is smarter than us.

It is absurd for a government which prides itself of being elected by the people to think it is above the masses. It needs to be reminded, loud and clear, that our constitution guarantees the rights of the people as the legitimate employer. In other words, government officials, appointed or elected, ought to be the employees or servants of the people—and not the other way around. The Liberian people, the employer, should therefore be able to terminate the employee for dereliction of duty, neglect, failure to perform as expected, bribery and corruption, gross violation of our organic law as well as for lack of confidence in their ability to deliver their platforms as promised. It is imperative that the corrupt Sirleaf administration take note.

The Liberian people are sometimes apathetic, but they are not dummies. They are aware of the criminal nature of the Sirleaf administration. They sense its political manipulations, the pervasive social injustices, the official robbery, perjury and the violation of the Constitution.

For instance, the case involving Varney Sherman, Alex Tyler and others is indicative of such political manipulations. The prosecutorial process is not only a travesty of justice; it is a disgrace to the country. In other words, singling out only Tyler and Sherman for a crime involving others is an outright witch-hunt as it is grossly unfair. Sherman and Tyler aren't angels, but let us put right to where it belongs.

The Global Witness Report that implicates these public figures in the corruption scandal has enlisted other people, including President Sirleaf’s son Fumba Sirleaf. Why was Fonati Koffa sent to harass certain people and leave out Fumba? Somebody please help us understand this: Is Fumba Sirleaf untouchable and above the law? Tyler and Sherman are being dragged into court while Fumba is basking in impunity.

Does this Jezebel want us to believe that she’s serious about fighting corruption? We refuse to believe that! This vindictive president is simply using this report to have a sinister aim accomplished which is to oust House Speaker Alex Tyler, her former ally who has now become an enemy.

And what’s about big boy #1 and big boy #2?  Will Fonati Koffa go after big boy #1 if the investigation shows that Ellen Sirleaf is indeed the missing big boy #1 puzzle? Will the House of Representatives (that corrupt, rubber stamp bunch) begin impeachment proceedings against Ellen Sirleaf?
Political Manipulation

It’s a disgrace that the House of Representatives is not a separate branch as stipulated and enshrined in the Liberian constitution. Had it been a real separate branch, that body would have launched its own investigation into the Global Witness Report since members of the House and Senate were mentioned in the report for bribery--instead of swallowing everything the Executive Branch forces down their throats. Unfortunately, folks in both houses are equally corrupt and greedy; hence, they follow the whims and caprices of this kutuku-turned president—while swallowing her insults. What a shame!

On the other hand, if Ellen had been honest and serious about this report, she would not have interfered with the functions of the House of Representatives by sending a letter to the Deputy Speaker recognizing him as the acting speaker or having her mouth piece Eugene Nagbe justify Tyler’s unceremonious removal. Nor would she have publicly expressed her dissatisfaction with Tyler’s performance or lack of confidence.

Furthermore, she would have allowed her hinge man Fonati Koffa to charge everybody on the Global Witness Report including her son Fumba Sirleaf who is the Minister of National Security. But instead, she has chosen to show the world how vindictive and manipulative she is.

WAKE UP LIBERIA! This woman is not serious about prosecuting her corrupt family members and friends for stealing the country’s money. It’s just a game, Ellen Sirleaf's game of deception. Over the past ten years, how many family members or friends of hers have had a day in court for having stolen our money? None! Only poor Liberians who cannot afford decent daily meals let alone pay for legal representation are languishing in our filthy jails for petite crimes--while the hardened criminals, Sirleaf's cronies and family members, are with impunity stealing our money, building mansions and leading flamboyant lifestyles.  

This miscarriage of justice is a crime against humanity. It is grossly unfair to an already traumatized nation. Sirleaf shouldn't get away with it.

This old woman has done the nation more harm than any politician in our political history. Her selection of Jonathan Fonati Koffa to head a special investigative task force to probe the Global Witness Report is similar to her selection of Charles Taylor as the front man of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. As mastermind of the 14-year long internecine killing, Ellen Sirleaf knew that Mr. Taylor was wanted by Samuel Doe’s government on embezzlement related charges. She also knew that tapping Mr. Taylor for the job to overthrow Mr. Doe through the barrel of the gun would have met stiffer resistance.

So is the appointment of Fonati Koffa who she knew was convicted of a felony in the United States. No wonder, the appointment has stirred up a public outcry. Didn't she know Sherman and others wouldn’t take seriously a Fonati-led investigation? 

As a matter of fact, a court in North Carolina has disbarred Mr. Koffa from practicing law after revoking his law license and throwing him in jail for two years for having embezzled.

Sirleaf has no integrity whatsoever. She does not even care about ethics. She does not give a hoot about corruption in Liberia, because she knows how to manipulate Liberian politics and how to fool the Liberian masses sometimes. She is doing exactly what her international handlers ask her to do. She's not patriotic!
And her criminal gang are out to protect their loot. They are apparently ready to eliminate anyone who attempts to expose their diabolical plans for Liberia. Do the gruesome killings of Greaves and Allison ring a bell?

The trouble is that justice remains elusive under this Sirleaf mafia-style setup. First of all, our judiciary is as corrupt as the executive and the legislative branches. Like the others, the judiciary flouts the Constitution. It does not interpret the constitution or dispense justice as per its function. Folks at the judiciary believe that they are the law. They interpret it to suit their taste or grant favors to those who can afford their fees or charges. That explains the stark absence of equity in the Liberian justice system under Ellen Sirleaf.

Where in the world would a person take a gun and shoot another in the neck and walks around freely for two days? And then out of shame and embarrassment, his father, who is the Minister of Defense, goes to the press and publicly tells the police to arrest his son.

Where was the attorney general or the police? Do they know their duties? They probably do, but they had to wait for permission to perform their duties. This is Ellen Sirleaf's Liberia!

So, unless we stand up in unison and demand the right thing for our country, which is justice for all, these crooks will continue to get away with these crimes against humanity. And what’s more pathetic is when we expressed our dissatisfaction about corruption, these crooks tell us to wait until the election so they can shake hands, laugh at us and find another smooth-talking crook to head the nation.

NONSENSE! Where in the world can an employee who is caught embezzling tells the employer that if you don’t like the way I steal from your company, then you will have to wait until the human resources department hires another crook to replace me in a year or two? In a society that values law and order, the employer will not only terminate the crook, but PROSECUTE!!

HELLO-O… Nothing happens when we sit down and wait. Things will only change when we stand up to make that change. The so-called election will happen when we decide, not the crooks. If we wait for them to continue to lie to us, steal our monies with impunity, then the so-called election will be just another old soup in new bowl.

Our judiciary is so rotten to the core that these thwarted legal derelicts refuse to function as stipulated in our organic law. Somebody tell me--how long should we put up with this madness?

D. Garkpe Gedepoh is the ceo of the African Panorama, and can be reached at:

By D. Garkpe Gedepoh
October 2, 2016