Henry Sar in action
Henry L. Sar was the main star of the famous Liberian musical group called "The Music Messiah", which rose to permanence in the early 1980s.

What was most exciting about this musical band was that, it consisted of teenagers. And seeing these high school students performed so well was amazing. The band was constantly advertised on national radio and television. Newspapers, and local magazines all had articles on the famous Music Messiah.
Henry Sar and Ayo Oduwalay were featured as the Stars and occasionally the late Tecumseh Roberts (TR) was Guest Star. From the E.J. Roye Building to the Monrovia City Hall, and to the Providence Island the band made big impressions on everyone. Today Henry and Fallah continue their dreams, from the Music Messiah to Cross Culture, from Mama Jammer to Henry and the Reggae Rockers.
Henry Sar a Liberian Star
A Liberian Musical Story...
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