Kpanna Pekin: I hear people are catching hard times in Liberia.
Is that true Papay?

Papay: Some people are saying there are no jobs, so they want to sell iron. But the woman who's sitting on the iron business is known as the ironlady. Now, she has said no one should steal the iron, and that people should obtain it legally. Naturally, people don't eat iron, do they?? So ironlady must do something about jobs because 85% of the people's trousers are now hanging at the junction.

Kpanna Pekin: But Papay, what happens to the people who said they would help us re-build???

Papay: My son, this small town you live in took the old people more than 100 years to build it. Then, someone told Charlie to destroy it and they would re-build it. So Ghankay spoiled it!!! Now we have one big, dirty village; and Pekin, don't lose no sleep, and don't let this re-building thing catch your heart. You hear? Unless God intervenes, no one can build it in a short period. So…

Kpanna Pekin: Ah Papay, what's about the food business?? For a long time, we've never had food crisis. But now the rice issue has become a problem ooh.

Papay: Pekin, this rice thing is not jes na business ooh: this thing started in 1979 - the first time Liberian people jumped in the streets to fight over rice business. From that day till now, the rice problem can't finish.

Kpanna Pekin: But during the last elections the Oldma promised us dried dog.

Papay: Who Oldma???

Kpanna Pekin: Mmm, Papay, you don't know whom I'm talking about? The ironlady - that's who.

Papay: Oh! Pekin, that's a serious thing you're talking here-o. Me, I didn't know the Oldma promised dried dog. Yeah! The way kilewee sweet. But, if you say the ironlady herself promised us dried dog, then I want to know something. Tell me, what will we be eating before we get dried dog??? IRON?????      
Papay: My son, the news I heard from LAC in Grand Bassa is not good at all. The war is over, but some people are behaving as though the country is still at war. You know, during normal days our country never had a problem where foreighners felt unsafe. Why is it that some people just believe in killing innocent people?

Kpanna Pekin: Papay ooh, do you remember the last time I told you about the dried dog the Oldma promise us? The man who was killed has been helping poor people to put food on thier table: helping people with employment, that's what we call dried dog.

Papay: Pekin, this thing ain't got nothing to do with dried dog. We are talking about a crime that was committed. Furthermore, you need to think before you talk.

Kpanna Pekin: So Papay, the book people are saying that this thing is called economic sabotage. Do you think this is the right book name for this kind of thing?

Papay: Pekin, some people can talk before they think. I know the people named you Kpanna Pekin but, you need to know something about politics and the Liberian Laws. First of all, there are two kinds of laws in Liberia; the country laws and the civil laws. These laws must work together in harmony. You as the Government of Liberia cannot take away Ancestral Land and expect to have a free ride. The Liberian Country Laws forbids that, so you have to show some respect for the laws. You see, for a long time some people have shown no respect for these laws, even after the senseless civil wars, or war war one, war war two, and war war three. Now, because the war is over and the UN has been helping with the peace, some people still don't understand how to live in Liberia, they want to act like Jimmy Ringo, and Ringo died a long time ago.

Kpanna Pekin: Papay, anything you say I will listen to you but please, don't compare these people to Pap Ringo. You know better, Jimmy Ringo was like Robin Hood to us. And even President Tubman gave Pap Ringo the go ahead to be the OUTLAW in Liberia. I knew Pap Ringo very well, he used to come to our house sometime when I was a pekin before I became the kpanna.

Papay: Ok my son, I myself know about Pap Ringo and we will talk about him another time, but right now we need to talk about the white man or what the book people called caucasian man who was killed on the plantation.

Kpanna Pekin: Papay, I don't like this name plantation. It makes me feel like we're in some kind of colony or that slavery is still going on. Why the government or the so call business people don't say farm? This plantation thing here is like they can take your land and nobody can say anything.

Papay: Well my son, that's something the government will have to work out but killing anyone because you are upset with the government is not the right thing to do.

Kpanna Pekin: Em... I like the way you put it.

Papay: what you mean the way I put it?

Kpanna Pekin: Well, you said killing anyone and not killing a white man or book people caucasian man. I know it's wrong, but Papay ooh, the last time one Liberian shop owner at Paynesville Redlight was murdered, I didn't see UN Police or UNMIL dispatched to solve the problem. And you know in the eyes of God every human being is equal, so was the Liberian business man who was helping the community. And...

Papay: Pekin, every finger is not equal.

Kpanna Pekin: But Papay that's not what they say in the Bible. Look, I'm not a preacher but I know in the eyes of God we are all the same. I remember the part in the Bible where the people were taking the offering in the temple. One Oldma put one coin in the plate, then Jesus told his disciples that the Oldma who put the one coin gave more than all the people in the temple. The disciples laughed and said master, please tell us that you are joking. The Bible said Jesus told them to look at the people who were putting money in the offering plate: how they look around to see who's looking at them. Then he said, they only put a little of what they have, but this Oldma has been begging all day, and she took the only coin she had to offer it to God, and that's why she gave more because, she gave everything she had. Then the disciples understood Jesus and said master, you are right, that is so true. So, the only thing I want to say here is Papay, as a Liberian, or a human being, the Liberian Government must take the security of the country serious, any one person who is murdered, is one too many. The Liberian Law says " liberty and justice for all" not for some.

Ancestral Land and Liberian Politics
With Garvlen Zadeyzonh
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Kpanna Pekin: Yeah! Papay, I like de Kountry. I used to hear some people say the name of our Kountry is Lie-Be-Here, because Liberian people know how to lie. You know, I used to be angry with those people but now I understand. First, the other Bassa singer, Marcus David who said his name is Sundaygar Dearboy ( the old rebel commander from war war one, Ghankay Time ), remember him? The guy's dodging the TRC, giving the people WAH-WAY, ain't wanno tell the true. He thinks we're GBOR-KLOR, BOR-KOR-BOY na eat our eye ball. The man dat old rebel, NPFL Commander, dat the Oldma like his baynay, she ain't wannay guy to go to the TRC. Ghankay gone-o, so the man bel-let talk before somebody give him KAR-LO-PAY.

Papay: Who will give that man KAR-LO-PAY?

Kpanna Pekin: Papay, this town here is rocky oh. It's just like seesaw. Cabman them want to charge you two times just for one person to ride the front seat. Way back we used to fight for bus to go home, and today we still fight for bus. During the 2005 election that rebel pekin ( Sundaygar ), he and Butiny made one song, they say the politician them can lie. They say some of them will tell you that they will buy two plastic bags so your children can pupu inside when they become president. He and Butiny say some people don't know how to speak their tribes, but they say they want to be president. So Papay, why Sundaygar can't talk the true. The Oldma who he's working for doesn't know how to speak her tribe, she ain't buy no plastic bags for our children to pupu in. The Oldma say CORRUPTION IS HER NUMBER ONE ENEMY, but Edwin Snow, the former speaker say the Oldma pay the representative them to remove him as speaker. The Criminal Court Judge say the Oldma lawyers them gave $10,000 US so he can say Julu them must go to jail or die. So, Papay, why Sundaygar Dearboy can't make song for the Oldma and this CORRUPTION thing? The other pekin who was the Auditor General, they wanted to MAH'NAN the pekin because the pekin say the Oldma Government is ten times more CORRUPT than Charles Taylor and Doe put together. I don't know why they were trying to kill the pekin. Some of them say the pekin was trying to act like General and Liberia ain't got no army. AFL time na finish but because the title they gave him say Auditor General, he took the General thing too serious. So here it here-O. The Auditor General say the Oldma Government is CORRUPT, The Judge at the Criminal Court, Judge Charles William say the Oldma Government is CORRUPT, former Speaker Snow and Margibi Representive Saah Gbolie say Oldma Government Officials gave brides to remove Speaker Snow, CORRUPTION. So Papay, how can the Oldma say she's fighting CORRUPTION when the thing is the Oldma Government Best Friend? That's their Best Buddy.

Papay: Pekin, you made my mouth full. The way you 've talked today is really touchy.
You know how to provoke people. So, you are telling me that CORRUPTION is not public enemy number one but, a good friend to the Oldma.

Kpanna Pekin: Papay, you and your best friend can sometimes disagree, but the friendship is always there. En you na hear people say blood is thicker than water and family tree may bend but can't break? So, this thing here will never finish in the Oldma Government. En you remember that Sharp Mouth Pekin-what that boy name again? Ah-ha, the boy name is Mulbah K. Morlu! The guy say the Oldma hustled Tolbert Government in 1979. Then the other day, the other Papay who wanted to be president, Uh-Ur, they called the Papay Winson Tubman. That Papay got vexed because the Oldma them were trying to spoil the man name. They say the man want to make coup. But the man say if the Oldma want to talk about CORRUPTION, then, the Oldma needs to tell the Liberian People what happened to all the money that disappeared in 1979 when she was Finance Minister. She must go to the TRC to confess!! Papay-O, what we see here is, the Oldma is always catching people from Bryant Government and Bryant himself, but the Oldma never grabs anybody from her own Government or Tolbert Government to say they must go to court for CORRUPTION.

Papay: Pekin, during the 2005 elections, the international community said they wanted to bring Judges from abroad, you were one of those Liberians who was not in favor of Foreign Judges. The people knew that the Liberian Judiciary System was CORRUPT. Tell me, are you still against that idea? 

Kpanna Pekin: That thing can burn my heart to think our people are so evil that we will continue to behave like this.

Papay: I wonder if Samuel Koffi Woods knew how many fingers he was pointing when he said in Liberia, underable becomes honorable?

Kpanna Pekin: I think if Koffi Woods knew who all he was talking to, he was never going to open his mouth. Here it here, the people say his boss the Oldma, joined the SUESUE in 1979. Winson Tubman say so, Mulbah K. Morlu say so, and plenty people saying the same thing. The Oldma them think because we are YANNA BOYS, we GBOR-KLOR. SHE WRONG-O PAPAY. WE'RE NA GBOR-KLOR.

Kpanna Pekin: Papay you hear the news En?

Papay: Em, real news or they say news?

Kpanna Pekin: Real news! Papay, way nah, ha you takin me to be? I'm not GBEH-LEH-O. And in fact, even if da they say news, who say they say news can be true? En- neh you remember what happen during war war one when Ghankay say he was coming to Monrovia to get Sammie? Peepo say, that other they say news deh, it will not happen. You want to hear more about war war one?

Papay: No, Pekin just tell me the news.

Kpanna Pekin: Prince Johnson was here for war war one and war war two, EN-NEN-SO?

Papay: Go ahead.

Kpanna Pekin: The man was not here for war war three and four, so he's warning the TRC to LEE HIN alone. He said that Papay who is the Big Man for the Catholic Church, Michael Francis, Amos Sawyer and American Goverment told hin to kill Sammie.

Papay: So he didn't call the Oldma name?

Kpanna Pekin: Ah! Papay, you thin Prince Johnson stupid? Da man nah GBEH-LEH-O, BOR-KOR-BOY ain't eat the man eye ball to call the Oldma name seh. What! Da won, if da man try, da nah Nigeria they will sen hin- O, he no all the corner corner in Nigeria. The same place they sen Charlay, da the place they will sen hin. But the man already nah tell the peepo to LEE-HIN. Looka the peepo who say all da thin about Sundaygar Dearboy; as soona the pekin go see the Oldma, the pepo talk true. They say, who say we say bad thin about Sundaygar Dearboy?
Da won, da what we call KIDDI-KEY NA LICK HAY TAIL. The other girl who say she was cooking for Sundaygar, shen gat no money to buy cola nut, but the girl pay her way to Monrovia to say THEY MON-NAH LIE ON HER. They pepo ask her WEH PLACE SHE GEH THE MONEY TO COME TO MONROVIA? SHE SAY SHE GEH THE MONEY FROM HER SUESUE.
EN I tell you this place name LIE-BE-HERE??? Som peepo, when you beat them, then you give USD not LIBERTY-O, the real USD, when the news peepo ask them, they will say WHO SAY THE MAN BEAT ME?? I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE MAN. THEY CALL THE PLACE LIE-BE-HERE.

Papay: Ok Pekin you've made your point but I need to get in the house and find something to eat, then we can talk.

Ten minutes later-

Kpanna Pekin: Oh Papay I forgot to tell you about the jornonlis who put Knoko pictures in the news paper. They sen som baday to the guy house to kill the guy. I thin Knoko still vexed. The jornorlis day won who make Knoko to start eatin Gbapleh and Poor Joe today. The man was used to eatin graper, cassava fish and snapper, but today the man wear bag. Alarm nah blow the man. I hear that the Oldma can give the man small money to buy cold bowl. It loo leh Knoko won kill day guy because he day won who give Knoko KPOU.

Papay: What is KPOU?

Kpanna Pekin: That broken heart we call KPOU.

Papay: So what make you think Willis Knuckles had any thing to do with the attempted assisination of the journalist?

Kpanna Pekin: Me, I nah GBEH-LEH O. From Bishop Broo to Biafra, from Slipway to New Kru Town all the peepo sayin the same thin. Knoko vexed, he won MAH'NAN the jornorlis Sammie Dean because the guy show Knoko butt naked. And I hear say the other fat Oldma who was laying down on the bed da Cominay Wesseh parlo wife. Knoko boy, the guy da man pekin. But Papay, during the war when General Butt Naked was walkin around, the peepo them took his pictures, and he was butt naked and I don't see Blayee trying to kill anybody. You see, Knoko own pa a diffren from the general because he was usin the Govment money to pay the chiko them but now, he's KPA-TA-KPA. the alarm blowing the guy bad way.

Papay: Pekin, who told you that the fat woman in that Knuckles's picture is Comany Wisseh's wife and I thought you were going to look for work, what happen to that?

Kpanna Pekin: Papay, everybody talking about that Oldma in Knoko picture, if you don't no ask the peepo. And I wen to look for work, but I saw  Chinese Peepo them lookin for grasshopper in Ghanaville, then I wen down waterside, I saw Chinese Peepo sellin ICE, Lebonese Peepo sellin DOOR-KAR-FLAG, and then Chinese Peepo again drivin WHEELBARREL TAXI, so my lil YANNA BOY thin I was dowin is gettin hard. How can I buy DOOR-KAR-FLAG to sell wen the Lebonese Man who's sellin it to me is also standin outside his store tellin PEEPO " YOR MON TAKE IT PAY- O, YOR MON NAH TAKE IT NYEN "???

JANUARY 31, 2008
Papay: Pekin, good things are going to come to Liberia very soon.

Kpanna Pekin: Oh yes? Who say so?

Papay: You think President Bush will come to Liberia and won't try to help us?

Kpanna Pekin: Papay-O, you seh yar, the man time nah finish. The guy want his par-lor ( part of the ) diamond. O-O-Oh, You mon scleak. Papay, tell me why the man didn't come here first? I heard the man went to East Africa to meet his pa-lor-boy ( friend ) but his pa-lor-boy peepo had OBAMA T-SHIRT on.

Papay: I understand Pekin but right now I'm talking about Liberia.

Kpanna Pekin: I know nah but I wanted to leh you know about the KPOOU the East African Peepo gave your man. So, your man Mulba Moelu said he wants a peaceful demonstration. He went to the American Embassy and ask them to let him say some thing to JAW BOO about the WAR CRIME COURT. The American peepo said no. Then some peepo said the old sojah ( soldier ) AFL, planning to rack the town, but the police chief, the chiko say if they try it, she herself will quater them. So, we will see...

Papay: Look Pekin, you guys need to be very thankful to President Bush for asking Charles Taylor to leave. Had it not been for Bush, Charlie...

Kpanna Pekin: Charlie? Papay, I thin you seleapin. Everybody in this town knows the sekret about Charlie and the man brother in Florida. Charlie was workin for the brother to mine the diamond but Charlie made the guy vexed. The guy had one guy workin for him. They called the guy Jack Klan. Ghankay say Jack Klan was shippin plenty diamond and he was not gettin nah thing. So, Charlie took all Jack Klan marchins, then he told Klan to pack his load, because today, Klan will see America, he's goin back. Jack Klan was the big man for Greater Diamond Corporation. The man told Charlie, I'm comin back to Liberia. Charlie said leh me see how. Then Charlie took the marchin and started sellin plenty diamonds. When they move Charlie, Jack Klan was the big man for the UN in Liberia. He was the UN Special Envoy. Then the Oldma made a deal with Jack Klan them, she said when your leh me be the CIC, I will leh your punish Charlie for that thing there. It was not good. That freskiness Charlie play, I will leh him pay for it. Then the Oldma them went to Ghana to talk peace. All the politician them went there, Rebel Leader-O, Church Pastor-O, Everybody. I heard the Oldma brought WATTA POLICE THEM from America. She released the WATTA POLICE on the rebel them. WATTA POLICE them started smokin PIPE. The rebel them didn't know nah thing about PIPE before. When PIPE smoking time reach, the rebel them said OLDMA, we want you to for President. Then the Oldma told the WTTA POLICE, your smoke it real good, bad way. This time the rebel them started gettin CRAZY. They start singin the Oldma song. Some of them said, En your hear the Oldma name? That's Mandingo woman-O. That nah CONKOR WOMAN-O. The Oldma knows how to take care, yeah, the nakky chiko the oldma brought with way her, when you see them, you will feel good about the Oldma. That's what the Oldma them did in Ghana before they sat down in Monrovia. So Papay, this thin you see so, we know all the CHU CHU CHU  about the Oldma-O, Sawyer-O, all the Politicain them. That's why they call me Kpanna Pekin.

Papay: So I see. Well, Pekin, I don't have much to say to you today.

Kpanna Pekin: I understand Papay. You see today, some peepo them don't want to go to the TRC because they say the Oldma dodgin the thin. So, your the book peepo, talk to the Oldma so she can make it quick-quick and talk everythin. You see my man Moses Blah, Prince Johnson, Boley, Kromah them, they want to talk but, they are waitin for the Oldma. So Oldma, VOMIT the thin. The Oldma them sayin monkey must come down and confess. But if the Baboon come down, then the monkey will nah play, they will CONFESS. Oldma, vomit the thin!
FEBRUARY 21,2008
VOL. 5
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